What is included in the price of the tour from Level.Travel ?

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

If you decide to buy a tour for the first time, then you may face the question: what am I going to give my money for? So that you don’t have any more questions, we will tell you in detail about what is included in the tour that you buy on the website Level.Travel .

Destination and hotel

First you need to choose the country you want to travel to. This can be done using the search form, which you will see on the main page of the site. Enter the country, travel dates, number of people in the required windows of the search form and click “Find”. After that, you will be offered a variety of hotels in the selected country. Eyes are running away, but you need to choose one.  

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

By the way, there are parameters on the left that you can filter hotels by: number of stars, distance from the sea, food, region and will be onThere are pebbles or sand on the beach. There are a lot of filters, so you have the opportunity to choose a real dream hotel!  

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?


Meals at the hotel

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

It can be selected when choosing a hotel. It can only be breakfast, breakfast and dinner, the all-inclusive system, etc. The price of the tour may vary depending on the type of food and room type, so be careful.  

Air travel

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

That’s right, you won’t have to search for suitable plane tickets yourselfThey are already included in the price of the tour. If there are several flight options, click on the line with the flight and select convenient flights. If it is a charter flight, there will be no additional charges, and if it is a regular flight, then the air carrier may charge an additional fee for the fuel fee, for example. The surcharge will immediately be included in the price of the tour, so there will be no unpleasant surprises in the form of surcharges at the airport.  


Transfer from the airport to the hotel (and back, of course)

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

Did you think that you would arrive at the airport, but no one is waiting for you there, and you will have to take a taxi? How could it not be so! You will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel, and at the end of the trip you will be picked up from the hotel and brought back to the airport. So don’t be afraid that you will have to bargain with taxi drivers or take an old bus to the hotel and walk for another hour, they will take you to the hotel with comfort! But be careful: of course, the transfer is available on most tours, but on some it is still not included. Therefore, check the availability of the transfer when booking the tour.  


Medical insurance

  It is issued for all travelers traveling abroad. If something happens to you or the trip is canceled, the insurance will cover the cost of treatment and will allow you not to waste your money. Of course, we hope that nothing will overshadow your vacation, but if you suddenly catch a cold or eat something wrong, then you can contact a doctor for your insurance. Please note that there are tours in Russia and other countries where insurance is not included in the tour price. If insurance is included in the tour, you will see the corresponding comment when booking:

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

Paid insurance is also available, which will cover your expenses in case of cancellation of the trip. You can get information about it when booking a tour. Read more about insurance here.  


Glasses — what is it?

Points are awarded for the purchase of the tour. These are bonuses that you can use to pay for your next trips. If you are buying a tour through Level.Travel For the first time, you will receive 2% of the tour cost in points. For example, if for the first time you bought a tour for 50 thousand rubles, then you will receive 1000 points. For the following orders, you will receive points for 1% of the tour cost (500 points at a tour cost of 50 thousand rubles).  

Что входит в стоимость тура от Level.Travel?

You can also invite friends and get extra points. Send them a link from your personal account. According to it, a friend should immediately register or book a tour right away. He needs a ride, you need points! All this is included in the price of your tour. Agree, it is very convenient that you can buy everything in one place. This is especially convenient for those who plan a vacation with children: you can immediately select a search for family hotels. And  it is not necessary to look for a transfer and insurance on different sites  everything is already on Level.Travel .   By the way, don’t forget:To pay for the tour. Click “Book”, enter all the necessary details and proceed with the payment. It’s secure: all your payments are made on the bank’s secure server. So scammers won’t be able to access your card.   • Check that the documents have been sent to you. The entire set of documents, which includes a voucher for the hotel, tickets and insurance, will be sent to you by e-mail, which you specified at the time of booking, and by SMS to your phone. Moreover, you always have access to documents in your personal account on the website Level.Travel .   • Print the documents. Before starting the trip, print out all the documents and take them with you. According to the voucher to the hotel, the guide will put you in a transfer, and the administrator will register you at the hotel. It’s done! The journey begins!  


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